Whitewater Rafting is an Incredible Group Activity

Corporate & Team Building Events

If you are planning a staff incentive trip or meeting retreat, whitewater rafting in Banff offers an exciting opportunity for true team participation, peer interaction, and we’re only 45 minutes from Calgary. Plus we offer group rafting specials. Rafting, unlike many other activities, is an activity that all members of your group can enjoy, even those with no previous experience. The adventures of the day will improve everyone’s understanding of the importance of developing and maintaining team relationships while increasing personal abilities to move beyond barriers to achieve team goals.

In the past we have found such trips provide unprecedented bonding levels between the participants. A common response for us is that participants have gotten to know their friend or colleague better in one afternoon on the river than they have in a year at the office. We are confident that you will find the same results.

Rafting on the Horseshoe Canyon is perfect for groups with Chinook Rafting in the Canadian Rockies

Youth Groups

Whitewater rafting offers an outstanding opportunity for young people to experience the outdoors in an “environmentally friendly” way – while developing valuable life skills. Rafting is an activity that encourages high participation levels, yet is open to any individual age 5 and over. No previous experience is necessary; we provide full instruction on safety and paddling techniques. Plus we offer group rafting specials!

We take many youth groups rafting, including: city and town youth recreation programs, school, church youth, teen clubs, boy scouts, girl guides, 4H and junior forest wardens. In many cases we can tailor these trips to suit the group requirements. We truly hope we have the opportunity to guide your group on our Banff whitewater rafting trips this summer.

Learn how to raft with an instructional safety talk before the Kananaskis River with Chinook Rafting in the Canadian Rockies

Custom Groups

If you need to customize your Alberta rafting trip with special transportation requests, private rafting tour departure times, unique team building events or mountain lunches we can help. Contact us to find out how we can personalize your group’s rafting trip.

Private food and beverage options on a customised tour



Round up some friends, family or co-workers for a day of white water rafting in Alberta and save on our regular rates!

Chinook Rafting offers discounts on groups of 9 or more adults.

Discounts apply to the Kananaskis River and Horseshoe Canyon trips’ adult rate.

Reservations are required.






Price for 1 minute

9 - 17 adults


18 - 35 adults


36+ adults


Kananaskis River

KANANASKIS RIVER - Fabulous Family Fun. This river offers the novice a thrilling and fun intro to whitewater rafting. Winding
4 Hours
Class 4 rapids on the Horseshoe Canyon section of the Bow River with Chinook Rafting in the Canadian Rockies

Horseshoe Canyon

HORSESHOE CANYON - True thrill of rapids. Exciting whitewater on the Bow River with cliff jumping for the adventurous. A
4 Hours

Kicking Horse River

KICKING HORSE RIVER - Fun full day of soaking waves. The Rockies' most thrilling whitewater rafting with Class 1-4 rapids.
9:30am, 1:30pm
4 Hours


Chinook Rafting and COVID-19

Our opening date has been postponed until 19 June 2020. We are striving to make this happen, but only if this meets the recommendations of
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Dabbing fun on the Horseshoe Canyon with Chinook Rafting in the Canadian Rockies


Helpful Info & Directions. What do I bring? Where do we go? What time do we need to be at the meeting point? Don’t worry, we will answer all those questions here.

Children love the Kananaskis River rapids with Chinook Rafting in the Canadian Rockies

Packages & Specials

Is it one of the kids birthdays? Booking a group larger than 9 people? We have a variety of specials you can benefit from.

Thank you for supporting Chinook Rafting in the Canadian Rockies

Meet Our Team

We are highly trained professionals committed to showing you a great time on the water. Get to know what we are all about.


Our legendary guides are remaining calm and relaxe Our legendary guides are remaining calm and relaxed during the wait for rafting. 
They are using their time wisely by digging deep and concentrating hard on which stories they'll tell first when our boats hit the water again! 
Ha, they might even add a joke! #anythingsispossible 
#zenmastertheo #innertreasurechestofstories 
#chinookrafting #chinook #whitewater #waitwater
Вчера ночью получили фотографии с нашего экстрима. Вот такие мы смелые ребята за 5 минут до рафтинга. Я подчёркиваю ДО РАФТИНГА!!!🙈
И раз уж мы все вместе, это хороший повод познакомить с каждым:
Хозяин! Весь семейный финансовый учёт держится исключительно на нём, не смотря на то, что Худо бедно учился в школе. Харизматичный и очень Холёный мужчина, умеет Хватать удачу за Хвост😉
Хорошо сложён, точно знает чего от жизни Хочет, защитник всех малоХольных: муХи не обидит (в прямом смысле поймает и выпустит её за дверь), знает как паХнет пороХ в пороХовницах💥
Совсем ешё малюсенький Хлопчик, но сладкий и с очень Хорошим аппетитом. Немножко "Хулиган", согласно возрасту, чего мы все ему прощаем за доброе Храброе сердце и Характер с душой❤
Хорошенькая, Хрупкая особа. Живёт по принципу "Хочу и Хрен знает как желаемое сделать". Прекрасно научилась, когда надо, Хлопать ресницами и взлетать. Не дружит с Химией со школьных лет. Холодна к мясу и саХару.
Ну, и последнее, что нас объединяет: 
Мы все, наХоХлившись от *Холода*🤪 в Канаде Вам дружно шлём Хорошие приветы!
Эстафету приняли от ivolgaalisa и отработали "Х" по полной всей семьёй 🙌
Ну, Хто тут из нас получился самый Хот?🔥
Хотите поучаствовать во флешмобе, ставьте ссылку на меня и пишите "Хочу букву"!
А Вы как бы охарактеризовали себя на букву "Х"??? Уверена, сейчас все будут ХОРОШИМИ!!👌😂❤
We hope your May long weekend is awesome! Not raf We hope your May long weekend is awesome!

Not rafting is challenging for our guides, but they understand, and they are finding alternatives like the champions they are! #lockdownlife

Any other year, May long is our season-opening weekend. We're looking forward to white water rafting again when it's ok to do so, but we know it's not just yet... Of course we'll let you know when we know more!

#chinookrafting #chinook #whitewater #waitwater #travelalberta
-Kananaskis River Rafting- For me, the River Rafti -Kananaskis River Rafting-
For me, the River Rafting was the best experience of the whole Banff trip, because I don't know how to swim, and I vouched to sit right in the front, when they asked. It was a truely awesome feeling, being right in the face of the wild and cold water!
Fun times! . . #summertime #whitewater #forwardpad Fun times!
#summertime #whitewater #forwardpaddle #cliffjumping #bucketlist #whynot #calgary
Real or Fake ? Why? . Gerçek mi sahte mi? Neden? Real or Fake ? Why?
Gerçek mi sahte mi? Neden?
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Thans@rx_fin for the photo - it tells a thousand w Thans@rx_fin for the photo - it tells a thousand words! .
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Live for moments you can't put into words. #raftin Live for moments you can't put into words. #rafting #summer2019 #canadianadventures #whitewaterrafting
Summer’s coming - fun times ahead! #summer2018cr Summer’s coming - fun times ahead! #summer2018crew #staffdayz
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