• Chinook Rafting is THE family rafting company!
  • Kids raft for free on their birthday.
  • We have rivers ranging from MILD to WILD.  Something for every level of adventure seeker!
  • No hidden extra costs after you book: all of your personal and safety equipment, an experienced guide, and even photos for your social media are included in the price.
  • We have 40+ years of experience, so we know our rivers and we know how to have fun.
  • We offer exceptional levels of guest interaction and service, and provide adventure, entertainment, interpretation, team building and education.
  • We use top quality modern equipment and have industry-leading risk management strategies and safety standards in place.
  • We want whitewater rafting to be the highlight of your trip to the Canadian Rockies, and will do everything we can to make sure you have a great day.
  • We know you will come back for another visit after rafting with us – just check out our TripAdvisor reviews!
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  • Guides are essential to the enjoyment of your trip, so we choose our team carefully. Many have been guiding internationally for over 10 years now.
  • We are highly trained professionals committed to showing you a great time on the water.
  • Every guide possesses the Professional Rivers Outfitters Association of Alberta (PROAOA) rafting license, along with First Aid, CPR & River Rescue qualifications as minimum standards.
  • We will share our knowledge, local stories, enthusiasm, skills and passion for rafting with you and leave the most lasting memories for you to tell your friends and family.
Richard the Raft Guide Senior Trip Leader at Chinook Rafting in the Canadian Rockies
Raft Guide (Operations Manager)

Richard - Netherlands

During his time studying mechanical engineering, Richard took every opportunity to sneak off and play in the water. Summers were spent guiding in beautiful Slovenia with rafting on the Soca river and also heaps of canyoning and caving. Expeditions, work and randomness brought him to Canada, La Reunion, Italy, Sri Lanka, Azores, Tropical Belgium, New Zealand, Honduras and other gems. With over 15 years of experience in outdoor tourism, he’s now a full-time guide. When he’s not around the flowing waters outside, it is highly likely you can find him making laps in the swimming pool, discussing which Taylor Swift song is best (Wildest Dreams!), welding some steel together or daydreaming about ice cream, pizza or cookies, and sometimes puppies, but in no particular order. 

Banff Chinook Rafting River Guide - Adam
Raft Guide (Senior Trip Leader)

Adam - Canada

After years working in trades, Adam took a swift water rescue course in 2006, close to his birthplace of Calgary on the Kananaskis River as a fun break from the daily grind. That was the beginning of a 17-year career and love affair with whitewater rafting that has taken him to some of the most beautiful places in the world to paddle and adventure. Working in many countries over the years, Australia, Honduras, Scotland, Switzerland and France were some of his favourite places to share his passion for whitewater and meet and share that passion with people. Now he’s back where it all started sharing his passion and knowledge with anyone who is interested, really taking a special interest in teaching and mentoring new and experienced guides alike.  He can’t wait to see you all on the river soon!

Banff Chinook Rafting River Guide - Alexis
Raft Guide (Senior Raft Guide)

Alexis - Peru

Alexis is from Peru and really, really likes rafting.

Banff Chinook Rafting River Guide - David
Raft Guide - (Senior Raft Guide)

David - Costa Rica

I’m David from Costa Rica, I’ve done local studies related to tourism, which is big in my country and is part of our economy, come and visit! Since 2017 I have worked full-time as a river guide, in Costa Rica we have plenty of fun and big rivers all year round for rafting, where I’ve paddle and worked in most of our rivers (6). This is my passion when I’m not working in the river I go with my kayak for fun or you can find me in the beach, lake, mountain, hot springs from my home town… Excited to come back with Chinook where already worked in the past and looking forward to have fun with you in the rivers we run there in Canada! Pura vida! See you in the rapids!

Raft Guide Olowo for Chinook Rafting in Banff
Raft Guide (Senior Raft Guide)

Olowo - Uganda

I’m Olowo. I am Ugandan from Jinja, which is in East Africa. I´m aged 39, and I’ve been rafting for 19 years on rivers in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, India and Canada. I love doing community work, farming and listening to country music like ” The Best of John Cash”. My favourite foods are sandwiches, burgers, stews and local African meals, like posho, beans, and bananas.

Banff Chinook Rafting River Guide - Georgia
Raft Guide (Senior Raft Guide)

Georgia - New Zealand

Kia ora! I’m Georgia, and I’m from New Zealand. I’m thrilled to join the Chinook Rafting crew again. I have rafted on many beautiful rivers in Aotearoa, including the Kawarau, Shotover, and Buller rivers. I am excited to experience and share more amazing whitewater adventures with everyone in Canada! I love water in all forms; fresh, salty, and frozen! If I’m not out playing in the whitewater, you can find me sea kayaking, surfing, or skiing. I’m also a fan of hiking and rock climbing … anything outside really!

Banff Chinook Rafting River Guide - Rachel
Raft Guide (Senior Raft Guide)

Rachel - Canada

Rachel has been an outdoor educator and adventure tourism guide for over 9 years, leading canoeing, sea kayaking, cycling, and hiking trips, but whitewater has become her mainstay. Since graduating from Lakehead University’s Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism program, she has worked across Canada, New Zealand, and the United States. In her time off, Rachel likes taking glorified pool toys (pack rafts) on outrageous adventures, bikepacking silly distances, and doodling as an illustrator for outdoor companies. As one of Chinook’s token Canadians, she always carries a small bottle of maple syrup in her PFD for emergencies.

Banff Chinook Rafting River Guide - Dani
Raft Guide (Senior Raft Guide)

Dani - New Zealand

I’m Dani! Born and raised in New Zealand, I’ve spent the last 7 years working and travelling all around the world. I’ve worked on rivers in NZ, Norway, Slovenia, and Chile. If I’m not working on the river, you’ll find me up in the mountains playing in the snow, or out in the ocean surfing.
Banff Chinook Rafting River Guide - Hazel
Raft Guide (Senior Raft Guide)

Hazel - New Zealand

Kia Ora! I’m Hazel, you can also call me Zel, from New Zealand. I’m super excited to join Chinook rafting for my first overseas adventure! I’ve been rafting in many beautiful places in New Zealand in the past 4 years, like the Rangitikei and Tongariro, and super pumped to raft in Canada. I love all things to do with the outdoors and getting people out there enjoying it. One of my passions is just being able to take people on the river and seeing them have the best time. My fav hobbies are anything to do with rafting (lol), photography, music (I love me some good 70’s music), telling the best dad jokes, and anything to do with food!

Banff Chinook Rafting River Guide - Marcin
Raft Guide (Senior Raft Guide)

Marcin - Poland

I’m Marcin from Poland. I started working in the outdoors as a ski instructor over ten years ago on the local hills in my country. Since then I’ve been adventuring in many beautiful places, I graduated from the Arctic University of Norway in 2018 where I was a ski-touring guide and northern lights guide. I did winter seasons in Japan and New Zealand and rafting seasons on the Valdolla River in Norway. I just moved from stunning Whistler to even more stunning Canmore so I’m very excited to join the Chinook crew on the local rivers.

Banff Chinook Rafting - Maria
Off-River Assistant

Maria - UK/Canada

Hi, I’m Maria, originally from blighty (UK) but have spent close to 20 years here in the Bow Valley. I love the outdoors and spend most of my summers mountain biking and hiking in the majestic Rockies. I have travelled to many countries all over the world, my favorite being New Zealand and Chile.

Banff Chinook Rafting - Eva
Off-River Assistant

Eva - Germany

After many years of university, I realized I’m way happier being outside and want to see the world instead. For the last 6 years, I traveled and worked my way across many countries, making lifelong friends and collecting memories. Last year I finally arrived in Canada and the Rockies and I am already in love with both. If you don’t see me at work, I will probably be somewhere playing in the mountains… or petting a dog.

Banff Chinook Rafting River Guide - Alex
Raft Guide (Senior Raft Guide)

Alex - New Zealand

Hi, I’m Alex, I’m From New Zealand. I’ve spend time rafting on the West coast of New Zealand as well as guiding on the Shotover and Kawarau river near Queenstown. In recent year’s I’ve been based in the small mountainous town of Arthur’s Pass (NZ) where I was instructing at an outdoor education center. I’m all about the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, you name it I’ll be there.

Banff Chinook Rafting River Guide - Consuelo
Raft Guide (Senior Raft Guide)

Consuelo - Chile

I’m Consuelo and I’m from the south of Chile. I’ve been rafting and kayaking since 2015 and mostly in South America, where the rivers are amazing. I’m also a sea kayak guide, so I love wild expeditions in the middle of nowhere. I’m stoked to be around the water with beautiful landscapes such as the Canadian Rockies.

Banff Chinook Rafting River Guide - Bernard
Raft Guide

Bernard - Ireland

I’m Bernard from the west coast of Ireland. I love being on the water, both fresh and salt water and I take part in many activities such as kayaking, canoeing, surfing, rafting, snorkeling, hill walking and photography. I have a big interest in wildlife and wildlife photography. I have spent many seasons in the past working for different companies across Ireland running all sorts of activity sessions. I have also worked a season on a fjord in Norway sea kayaking and rafting on the local river. The last three and half years have been spent building a path up a mountain on the west coast of Ireland, so I’m looking forward to getting back into guiding on the rivers.

Banff Chinook Rafting - Jerry
Driver & Trip Assistant

Jerry - Canada

I’m Jerry, originally from New Brunswick, who fell in love with a western girl and the Rocky Mountains. I love to travel, as well as playing sports, especially hockey and pickleball. I enjoy hiking and cross-country skiing in Kananaskis. While I enjoy the thrill of rafting, I will be your driver extraordinaire taking you safely around to enjoy your day on Alberta’s beautiful waters.

Banff Chinook Rafting - Reid
Driver & Trip Assistant

Reid - Canada

When I met the Rockies, it was love at first site. And I’ve enjoyed skiing, hiking, biking, camping and of course rafting here ever since. I am looking forward to enjoying the mountains with like minded people from all over the world.  During the winter, my wife and I enjoy the natural wonders, food and culture of amazing Thailand.

Banff Chinook Rafting - Jake
Off-River Assistant

Jake - UK

Ey’up, I’m Jake from West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. I (along with my partner) decided to up sticks and leave England and live amongst the beautiful Rocky Mountains in early 2024. I have always enjoyed spending time outdoors, whether that is taking my family dogs on long weekend trips to the Yorkshire Moors or the Lake District back home in the UK, or more recently getting to experience the awe-inspiring views that the Bow Valley has to offer. In recent years, I have really enjoyed travelling with my partner, having visited Iceland, Italy, Thailand and now Canada. Back home I am a huge car fan, and always enjoy tinkering with my car and going to events with friends and watching Formula 1 on race weekends. However, whilst in Canada I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and I am very much looking forward to learning how to snowboard in the winter season.

Raft Guide (Senior Raft Guide)

Chris - UK/Canada

Originally from the UK, Chris is at home on rivers worldwide having kayaked and rafted for over 25 years in places like the UK, France, Italy, Norway, Argentina, USA, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Nepal, India & Zambia. He is a rafting examiner for the BC and AB River Outfitters Association, a certified kayaking instructor, a Swiftwater & Ice Rescue Technical Instructor for Rescue 3 International, and is an Emergency Medical and Advanced Wilderness First Responder. In his spare time, he is also a Volunteer Firefighter with the Banff Fire Department

James McKinlay
Raft Guide (Senior Raft Guide)

James - Australia

From Australia, I started working in the outdoors in 2013 as a bushwalking, rock climbing, & rafting guide! Leading 10 day expeditions all around Australia, I discovered that my passion for the wild rivers surpassed my other hobbies and I have since raft guided on the Snowy, Murrumbidgee and Barron Rivers. If I’m not out paddling I’ll be out surfing, climbing, or doing pretty much anything to stay outside.

Off-River Assistant

Heather - UK/Canada

Heather is an import to Canada, hailing originally from England.  She fell in love with all that Canada’s vastness has to offer at the age of 18, and has since spent years living and working in the Canadian Rockies.

In between being off-river assistant for Chinook Rafting, Heather loves to get out in these beautiful mountains both on her own and with guests as part of her work as a qualified hiking and wildlife guide.

A keen ski-tourer and advocate of cool weather, Heather spends some of the off-season guiding polar bear and northern lights trips in Northern Canada.  Her passion is show-casing the natural world, making nature’s beauty available to everyone who visits it.

Banff Chinook Rafting Dog Ralph
Human Resources

Ralph - Canada

In the summer of ’22, Ralph literally walked into our rafting base and decided this was his home now. The team has welcomed him warmly and has been kindly accommodating his requests. He is surprisingly good at sleeping on guides lifejackets and chasing wetsuit boots that lay completely still. In his spare time he likes to take long walks on the beach and he thoroughly enjoys watching the Formula 1 races from the couch.