Discover Banff Tours was built on a promise to our customers of providing small personalized tours.

This belief transcends all aspects and jobs within Discover Banff Tours.

Today, we are much more than just tours and our core purpose is to create fantastic memorable experiences for visitors to the Rockies and everyone at Discover Banff Tours has a hand in making that happen.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Here’s what some of our previous staff members say about us…

“I spent two and half years as a tour guide working for Discover Banff Tours in beautiful Banff National Park. During my time I guided interpretive hikes, snowshoe and ice walk tours as well as driving tours around the town and National Park.  I was also driving and guiding multi-day tours which would lead me from Calgary to Victoria with stops in areas such as Whistler, Kelowna and Nelson in between. I really enjoyed the flexibility and diversity between work weeks and shifts. The days go by extremely fast while out guiding and keeping up with the excited tourists. It’s a lot of independent work which keeps you on your toes while dealing with people excited to be spending time with you in the Rocky Mountains.”

Nate Clark, Apprentice Hiking Guide, Scenic and Multi-day Tour Guide

“I just wanted to tell you how much fun it was working with all of you in the past 5 years. I am happy I met all of you and made lots of friends while being part of a very professional team that allowed me to grow as a guide. I’ll remember every retreat, every road trip, every big event and every time one of you stepped up to help me when I needed it. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about it when the work hours accumulate, but DBT really is a family for its employees. Cheers!”

Jeff Samson, Professional Interpretive Guide, Scenic Tour Guide