Horseshoe Canyon River Levels Update 2019

We wanted to let you know that our Horseshoe Canyon water levels have slightly dropped over the past week. This past winter’s snow melt happened earlier than usual due to the warm weather we have had, so we now have less water in the rivers.
As a result we are now experiencing lower class rapids than earlier on in the season. Right now the Horseshoe Canyon is more of a fun splashy class 3 river rather than a crazy class 3 and 4 river we get in June and July.

Your question will be – should I still come? Yes of course because:

1. You are still going to get wet and have a great time!
2. Our cliff jumps are even higher at this water level.
3. We are still the closest rafting to Banff and Calgary.
4. Our wilderness experience has not changed, we are often the only rafting company on the river. We usually don’t see any public, we have beautiful scenery and you may see wildlife – and that doesn’t include Calvin our guide!
5. Our fun guides want to meet you and share their fun and stories with you!
6. We tell you how it is and want to make sure that your expectations are met.
7. Most of the other rivers in the area are also experiencing the same lower water levels as we are. We can’t control mother nature.

Check out our recent photos of the Horseshoe Canyon to fully understand what we mean on our website at

Photo above taken 1st September 2019.

If you have any questions before you come rafting please contact

We are definitely still rafting and we still want to share our passion with you and we look forward to seeing you out on the river.

From Everyone at Chinook Rafting!