The Season Ends, But Look What We Gained!

Well, rafters, the 2022 rafting season in Banff and area is officially over 😟 —but what a great year!

Some of the highlights of riding the waves with our guests and our team include:

  1. The endless smiles and happy faces. We’re truly honoured that we can bring adventure into the lives of our guests!
  2. After way too long, we finally welcomed international guests from all over the world back to the rocky mountain rafting in Alberta. What a joy for us all!
  3. We welcomed a new member of our team. Here’s Ralph, he walked onto our river base one day, and he never left.  Now he is our official team dog!
  4. Cheers to our fantastic crew. If you’ve rafted with us, you know we have an amazing team that creates all the smiles for our guests. If you don’t know our team, what are you waiting for? You’ll have to wait till next season.😀

    Now we’re going to rest. See you in 2023!