Opening date 10th May 2019

Even though the ski season in Banff has months of fresh powder ahead of us, we're already thinking about getting back out onto the water and May 10th is our first rafting day of the season. That's less than 4 months away! Did you know that the more snow we

Raft Guides Course

We also have our Raft Guides Course coming up, so don’t miss out, leave your desk job behind and come join us for 10 great days of fun, adventure & learning on the river. Whether you wish to be a professional raft guide or just want to improve your own

Kananaskis River Surf Trip

Whitewater rafting and surfing combined is what we call the THE KANANASKIS RIVER SURF TRIP, a whitewater rafting trip on the Kananaskis river with added extra ‘surfs’. ‘Surfing’ is a fun technique utilized by the guides to steer the rafts back into the rapids and stay riding the waves rather

YouTube Playlist

If you want to check out the action on the our whitewater rafting trips, here are some clips on YouTube. One of our favorites clips is this one – Chinook Rafting at 1:10secs. If you want your clip to be added to our playlist just email

Krave Thrills Winner on the Horseshoe Canyon

We had the #kravethrills winner and Gunnarolla came out with Kelloggskrave team for some Horseshoe Canyon fun – check out the video on YouTube.

Chinook Rafting wants you to have FUN!

The hardest part about going white water rafting is choosing which river to tackle.  So, how do you choose? I would say that the one thing to remember is that the object is to have as much fun as you can, and not necessarily to see how big you can

River Updates

We are getting all set for a great new season – with many of your favourite guides returning again. Please come and join us for some fun with Marshall, Rohan, Chris, Sam, Miuler, Frank, Rory & Richard. They can’t wait to share their passion with you again this year –

Great Expectations

“I’ve always wanted to go white water rafting in Banff and The Canadian Rockies, so I booked myself on a Chinook tour to raft Kananaskis River. With the tour booked I was excited and ready to go.   The Half day trip started off by me being picked up in